Sen Couture interview with World Class Designers Magazine.

World Class Designers Magazine is super excited to interview Trang Phung owner of Sen Couture.

World Class Designers Magazine:  Please tell us about your brand.

Trang: SEN Couture is an American made fashion line. I started it in 2010 when I resigned from the corporate world and decided to pursue my passion during a challenging economic time. However, it was quickly recognized as high profile celebrities selected SEN Couture to wear in special events. I essentially created SEN Couture for women who want to celebrate their femininity with class, edge and sex appeal. 
World Class Designers Magazine: You have an incredible list of celebrities that wore you designs.  What do you contribute your success to?
Trang: I feel that the rapid success of SEN Couture comes from the passion in my heart to add more beauty to the world, and doing so by translating ideas into visual designs. I’ve often been told my line is clean, classy, and elegant, yet edgy. And, of course, I agree (smile).
World Class Designers Magazine: Out of all the celebrities that wear your designs which one is the most memorable to you?
Trang: They are all memorable to me in their own ways, so it’s difficult to pick one over another. But I feel like the one whose inner beauty made me smile was Dolly Parton, when gorgeously rocking the sexy SenCouture dress on Wendy Williams show. When asked about her plastic surgery, Dolly replied: ” most are fake except my heart, it is always real”…I love that!
World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about your journey.
Trang: Like many. my journey has many stages.
I grew up in Vietnam, during the height of Vietnam War. When I was 17, with the little resources my family had, my mother arranged for me to escape Vietnam in order to be in the Free World. I was in that “Boat People Exodus” wave,  traveled on a small fishing boat. My mission was to rescue the rest of the family to the Free World. I fulfilled my mission and migrated all members of my family, and they’re still here today. Being a young girl, living alone and without money in the American refugee camps was very challenging. However, it taught me many valuable life lessons which have instilled values such as endurance, compassion, and humanity. For that, I am forever grateful for my experiences, which helped me manage to be successful in my career path and leads me to where I am today, doing what I am passionate about! I feel very blessed in many ways and very grateful!
World Class Designers Magazine:  What is the primary material you work with?
Trang: Most of my designs are made with high-quality matte jersey, which allows the garment to move graciously with the body and gives maximum comfort as well as fit – yet, look luxurious at the same time.
World Class Designers Magazine:  Who is Sen woman to you?
Trang: SEN’s woman to me is the modern woman, whose feminine divine beauty shows in her elegance and classiness, like a Lotus flower (by the way, Sen means Lotus flower in my native language), but who also her inner strength to face the world’s challenges and rise above all obstacles to stands tall, and her loving and compassion to mankind.
World Class Designers Magazine:  Who would enjoy wearing your designs?
Trang: I have many celebrities have worn my designs, and enjoy them all in different ways. I would enjoy seeing Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron to wear my designs. To me, beauty is only skin deep; how people impact the world with love and compassion are more meaningful. The cause I am passionate about most is the critically ill orphans in developing countries. I feel connected with Jolie as well as Theron because I feel they care for similar causes.
World Class Designers Magazine:  Tell us about your experience at Art Hearts Fashion during LAFW?
Trang: I had an amazing time at Art Heart Fashion Fashion Show. I have seen and felt love and support from many people and feel so blessed. Meeting new friends such as the amazing editors of this magazine, Derek Tokarzewski, some models, and other amazing designers—what a fabulous show it was!!!
World Class Designers Magazine: What other major fashion weeks have you showcased?
Trang: I have participated in many major Fashion Shows worldwide but as for Fashion Week here in Los Angeles, Art Hearts Fashion was the first time for us, but I do see the value now and plan to do more in the near future.
World Class Designers Magazine would like to say thank you to Trang Phung owner of Sen Couture for this amazing interview.
Editor Derek Tokarzewski
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture
World Class Designers Magazine, Sen Couture

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